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MyStar DoseCoach®

An insulin glargine dose helper and integrated blood glucose meter in one single device. MyStar DoseCoach assists you in the self-adjustment of your insulin glargine dose, according to your doctor’s or nurse’s instructions.

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Key Features


Automatic calculations

MyStar DoseCoach calculates your suggested long acting basal insulin dose, based on your most recent fasting blood glucose and insulin data.



Using the integrated blood glucose meter, you can measure and tag the blood glucose readings needed to calculate your dose suggestions.



By providing you with an at-a-glance overview of your insulin therapy-related data, MyStar DoseCoach supports your therapy management.

Specification Description
Coding No code
Sample size 0.5 microliters
Average glucose test time 5 seconds
Assay method Dynamic Electrochemistry
Memory Stores the last 1000 glucose records, including control solution and blood results
Stores the last 90 hypo events
Stores the last 180 Dose Helper dose suggestions and last 180 confirmed doses taken
Alarms Programmable dose reminder alarm
Measurement units mg/dL or mmol/L (preset to the standard unit generally used in country where the meter was purchased. The user cannot change the unit of measurement setting)
Maximum altitude 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
Hematocrit 20% to 60%
Operating relative humidity 25% to 90%
Operating temperature 10C to 40C (50F to 104F)
Calibration Plasma equivalent
Result range 1.1 to 33.3 mmol/L 20 to 600mg/dL
Size L = 110mm, W = 60mm, H = 25mm
Weight 100g (3.5oz) including batteries
Power source 2 replaceable, primary (non-rechargeable) AA lithium batteries and 1 non-replaceable coin cell battery (CR2032)
Automatic deactivation
  • 1 minute of inactivity unless an error message is displayed, dead battery message is displayed, BG measurement sequence is active or meter connected to an active USB cable
  • 4 minutes of inactivity if BG measurement sequence is active, an error message is displayed or meter is connected to an active USB cable
  • 7 seconds of inactivity after dead battery message is displayed

Meet MyStar DoseCoach

A first of its kind device designed to support your day-to-day management at home.

How do I receive insulin glargine suggestions with MyStar DoseCoach?

You’ll receive a personal treatment plan set up by your doctor or nurse. When you have your plan, it’s important to measure your fasting glucose every day when you wake up. Run the Dose Helper and enter the insulin glargine dose for the first 3 days. From day 4, Dose Helper will provide daily dose suggestions.



Getting started Video 1/4

Recording your dose Video 2/4

Testing and tagging Video 3/4

Using Dose Helper Video 4/4


  • MyStar DoseCoach is a first of its kind device integrating both an insulin glargine dose helper function and a blood glucose meter. It has been designed to help people with type 2 diabetes to self-adjust their insulin glargine dose according to titration instructions pre-set by their doctor. With its built-in automated insulin advisory system, MyStar DoseCoach provides type 2 diabetes patients with reassurance for their daily basal insulin dose selections and simplifies insulin management between doctor visits.
  • Dose Helper activation
    • Doctors or nurses need to activate MyStar DoseCoach’s Dose Helper function by selecting one of the three available treatment plans according to their patients’ basal insulin therapy needs. Doctors and nurses can further personalize the device for their patients by entering patient-specific parameters such as patient body weight, insulin glargine starting dose, and usual dose time.
  • Dose suggestions
    • Once MyStar DoseCoach’s Dose Helper function is activated, users need to record their fasting blood glucose readings and insulin glargine doses during the first 3 days in order for Dose Helper to provide the first dose suggestion on the fourth day.
    • Dose Helper will continue to make daily insulin glargine dose suggestions based on, and adjusted to, the most recent fasting blood glucose readings, current insulin glargine dose, and occurrence of any hypoglycaemic events.
  • MyStar DoseCoach supports patients with type 2 diabetes in establishing treatment adherence by providing a dose reminder feature that can be enabled by your doctor or nurse during activation of the Dose Helper function. If a patient forgets to run Dose Helper, the dose reminder function beeps at the usual dose time, 30 minutes after usual dose time, or 1 hour after usual dose time. Dose Helper also provides convenient prompts when a patient needs to record blood glucose readings, insulin data, and occurrence of any hypoglycaemic events or if the patient should use Dose Helper more consistently.
  • Yes. As all devices from the Sanofi Diabetes MyStar blood glucose meter portfolio, MyStar DoseCoach uses the BGStar test strips.
  • Jet lag may affect an individual’s metabolism due to the lack of sleep or alterations in mealtimes. MyStar DoseCoach does not automatically recognize metabolic disturbance resulting from significant time zone changes. You can change the time setting of MyStar DoseCoach, but the device will not be able to give dose suggestions in the following scenarios:


    • The usual dose time was changed by more than 3 hours (within 7 days).
    • The clock time was changed by more than 3 hours (within 7 days).
    • The dose time and the clock were changed so that the overall time change was more than 3 hours (within 7 days).

    Before travelling, you should seek advice from your doctor or nurse on how to manage your diabetes therapy during travel and at your destination.