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MyStar Connect®

MyStar Connect is a diabetes data management software that supports your clinical decision making and delivery of individualized solutions for your patients.

For your patients using BGStar, MyStar Extra or MyStar DoseCoach, it helps you assess their overall diabetes status and basal insulin titration process.

Key Features

Intuitive dashboard

Helps you identify, at a glance, areas that may require your attention: e.g. blood glucose control or basal insulin titration progress.

In-depth insights

User-friendly and visual reports that help you focus on specific aspects of your patients’ diabetes management.

Patient engagement

Paper reports allow you to share information with your patients and encourage them to take control of their disease.

Meet MyStar Connect

Introducing MyStar Connect


Trend Chart

Modal Day Chart


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Dashboard: Review the overall diabetes status in a single view

  • Get an instant overview of the blood glucose control and insulin glargine titration progress
  • Easily identify areas that need attention via an intuitive interface
  • Further probe the data by clicking on a tile to open a default chart

Trend chart: Assess titration progress over time

  • Review titration-related data such as blood glucose data and insulin glargine doses
  • Easily identify when your patient is within their fasting blood glucose target range
  • Clearly identify hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events

Modal Day and Modal Week charts: Identify daily and weekly patterns in blood glucose levels

  • Identify blood glucose functions over 24 hours or over a week
  • Determine whether your patient is achieving their individualized goals
  • Highlight all hypoglycemic values

Logbook: Analyze the results in a tabular format

  • Review and access a range of therapy-related information such as fasting blood glucose readings, insulin glargine doses and hypoglycemic events


  • MyStar Connect is an easy-to-use diabetes data management software that helps you in delivering the insight required to optimise patients' diabetes therapy.
  • MyStar Connect gives you comprehensive and clear visualisations of the overall blood glucose control for your patients.
  • MyStar Connect includes key features specific to MyStar DoseCoach. The software allows you to easily assess the titration progress of your patients with type 2 diabetes who use MyStar DoseCoach to self-adjust their insulin glargine dose in between visits.
  • The visual dashboard of MyStar Connect provides insights at a glance, which may help you to optimise patients’ diabetes therapy quickly and effectively.
  • MyStar DoseCoach is a first of its kind device integrating an insulin glargine Dose Helper function and a blood glucose meter. It has been designed to help your patients self-adjust their insulin glargine dose according to titration instructions pre-set by you.
  • With its built-in automated insulin advisory system, MyStar DoseCoach is designed to support people with type 2 diabetes with their daily insulin glargine dose adjustment and may therefore simplify basal insulin management in between doctor visits.
  • Blood glucose meter data download and manual data input

    You can easily download patient data from MyStar DoseCoach, MyStar Extra, and BGStar devices. Data can also be entered manually.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard displays in a concise and intuitive way the overall treatment status of patients, including the insulin glargine titration progress for those using MyStar DoseCoach.

  • Modal Day and Modal Week Chart

    The modal charts enable visualization of fluctuations and patterns in patients' blood glucose levels over 24 hours or one week.

  • Trend Chart

    The trend chart clearly displays blood glucose, insulin dose and, when entered manually, carb data over time, as well as highlighting hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic events. For patients with type 2 diabetes using MyStar DoseCoach, you can also assess their insulin glargine titration progress.

  • Logbook

    The logbook arranges patient data as a table, sorted by date and mealtime. For patients using MyStar DoseCoach, you can also review your patients’ titration-related information such as fasting blood glucose readings, insulin glargine doses and hypoglycemic events.

  • Reports

    You can choose from five different data reports that can be printed and shared with patients in an easy-to-read format.

  • MyStar Connect 2.0 is a piece of software designed for use by HCPs.
  • The software is designed to support you in delivering the best care to your patients by providing comprehensive and clear visualizations of patients’ overall treatment status.
  • Patient data can easily be downloaded from MyStar DoseCoach, MyStar Extra, and BGStar blood glucose meters.
  • Key features specific to MyStar DoseCoach allow you to assess your patients’ insulin glargine titration progress.
  • MyStar Connect is compatible with MyStar DoseCoach, MyStar Extra, and BGStar devices.
  • Blood glucose, insulin dose and carb data can also be entered manually.
  • For patients with type 2 diabetes using MyStar DoseCoach, insulin glargine dose information and details on the active titration prescription can also be downloaded.
  • MyStar Connect is a desktop software and safely stores patient data on a computer in your practice.
  • HCPs are advised to keep their computer up-to-date with the latest security software.
  • Please contact a Sanofi representative or call center in case you have questions or are interested in using MyStar Connect.