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My Dose Coach® web portal

My Dose Coach is a user-friendly digital titration platform that simplifies basal insulin management for you and your patients. My Dose Coach combines an easy to use mobile app for people with type 2 diabetes and a web portal for healthcare professionals.1 With My Dose Coach, you can feel confident that your patients are safely self-adjusting their basal insulin doses in between clinic visits based on your prescribed dose plan. Through the app, your patients have your guidance right on their mobile devices!

Key Features


Individual basal insulin dosing support for patients

The My Dose Coach web portal allows you to easily set up and customize a titration dose plan. Patients receive dose plans and updates on the app which guide them on how to adjust their basal insulin at their usual dosing time.


Easy to use

My Dose Coach provides an easy way to manage and monitor patient dose plans. People with type 2 diabetes only need to follow two simple steps in the app to receive their insulin dose suggestion at the time their insulin dose is due.


Access to blood glucose and insulin dose history

All data entered into My Dose Coach is synchronized and accessible in real time, so you can monitor your patients’ titration progress and update their dose plans if needed as you optimize therapy.


Effective with demonstrated safety

My Dose Coach is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE marked. Its safety and efficacy in optimizing basal insulin dose in patients with T2D has been demonstrated in various studies.2–4

Specification Description
Coding No code
Sample size 0.5 microliters
Average glucose test time 5 seconds
Assay method Dynamic Electrochemistry
Memory Stores the last 1000 glucose records, including control solution and blood results
Stores the last 90 hypo events
Stores the last 180 Dose Helper dose suggestions and last 180 confirmed doses taken
Alarms Programmable dose reminder alarm
Measurement units mg/dL or mmol/L (preset to the standard unit generally used in country where the meter was purchased. The user cannot change the unit of measurement setting)
Maximum altitude 3,048 m (10,000 ft)
Hematocrit 20% to 60%
Operating relative humidity 25% to 90%
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
Calibration Plasma equivalent
Result range 1.1 to 33.3 mmol/L, 20 to 600 mg/dL
Size L = 110 mm, W = 60 mm, H = 25 mm
Weight 100 g (3.5 oz) including batteries
Power source Two replaceable, primary (non-rechargeable) AA lithium batteries and one non-replaceable coin cell battery (CR2032)
Automatic deactivation
  • 1 minute of inactivity unless an error message is displayed, dead battery message is displayed, BG measurement sequence is active or meter connected to an active USB cable
  • 4 minutes of inactivity if BG measurement sequence is active, an error message is displayed or meter is connected to an active USB cable
  • 7 seconds of inactivity after dead battery message is displayed
My Dose Coach Web Portal

The easy way to customize insulin titration based on your guidance

My Dose Coach provides different ways to prescribe and set up personalized dose plans for your patients in a few easy steps. You can either select an existing titration template, modify a template, or create a new template from scratch by setting titration rules, dose adjustment rules and extra individual instructions. To complement every dose plan, you need to enter the starting dose, maximum daily dose, usual fasting blood glucose check time and usual insulin dose time.1

How can I set up My Dose Coach for patients?

Contact your Sanofi representative to receive log in details for the My Dose Coach web portal via email. To register a patient, fill in their personal details and phone number. Following registration, you can create a personalized dose plan and specify if a patient needs to contact you when hypoglycemia is reported and if the current titration plan should be continued or not. After your patient is trained on the My Dose Coach app, you can share a link to the custom dose plan with them via text message to upload the plan in the app.1


Prescribing a Patient Plan Video 1/3

Dose Plan Templates Video 2/3

Monitoring Patient Progress Video 3/3


  • My Dose Coach is a digital titration platform that simplifies the process of adjusting long-acting basal insulin. The platform combines My Dose Coach web portal for healthcare professionals and the My Dose Coach app for people with type 2 diabetes. As a healthcare professional, you can manage, monitor, update and follow-up with all your patients’ dose plans through the My Dose Coach web portal as you optimize their therapy. My Dose Coach was designed to ensure that your patients can safely and more actively adjust their basal insulin dose based on a personalized dose plan prescribed and pre-set by you.
  • My Dose Coach is suitable for use with most common basal insulin brands. It is not intended for patients who have been prescribed rapid-acting insulins or more general bolus/premix injections. My Dose Coach is also not intended for use by women with gestational diabetes or people with type 1 diabetes.
  • My Dose Coach web portal and mobile app set up
    • As soon as you receive access to the platform through a Sanofi representative, you can prescribe and pre-set your patient’s individual dose plan. When the dose plan is finalized, the platform will send a text message to the patient containing a link. By clicking on the link, your patient can upload the plan to the My Dose Coach App on their mobile device. You can review your patients’ fasting blood glucose, hypoglycemic events and basal insulin dose data in the My Dose Coach web portal at any time and modify their dose plan if necessary.
  • Dose suggestions
    • After patients are trained on the My Dose Coach app, ideally during one of their appointments with you, they can start using the dose suggestion feature. To get the first insulin dose suggestion, patients need to record their first fasting blood glucose on the morning they begin their dose plan, which will be followed by their first insulin dose suggestion on the same day.
    • The platform will continue to make daily insulin dose suggestions based on, and adjusted to, their most recent fasting blood glucose reading, current insulin dose, and occurrence of any hypoglycemic events.
    • You can monitor all the data that patients have entered in the app and modify their dose plan. If your patient misses an insulin dose or forgets to record the dose during the six-hour window, they must follow your instructions for a missed dose.
    • My Dose Coach can be set to ask patients to contact your team in a case of hypoglycemia and to stop or continue the current dose plan.
  • My Dose Coach is intended as an aid to your patients with type 2 diabetes by providing dose recommendations, based on their prescribed dose plan, that help them take the right daily dosing.
  • With automatic dose calculations, My Dose Coach supports your patients with type 2 diabetes to safely manage their basal insulin titration between visits with you and your team, and to work towards their target fasting blood glucose level.
  • Through the My Dose Coach web portal, you can prescribe, activate and send a customized dose plan to your patient’s app on their mobile device. Based on real-time synchronization between the web portal and the app, you can update their dose plan at any time and optimize their therapy.
  • The standard dose plan template available to you is based on country-specific clinical guidelines on basal insulin titration. However, you can also create your own templates suitable for specific patient groups such as those in a certain weight or age range.
  • The dose plan’s algorithm is based on specific patient details entered by you including: weight, glycemic targets, starting dose, maximum dose and titration frequency.
  • Insulin adjustments and frequency are defined by you. You can choose between three and seven insulin adjustment ranges and whether the adjustments will be calculated. However, your patients using the app will be shown a new number of insulin units without needing to perform any calculations.
  • The My Dose Coach App uses this information to calculate suggested doses and increases or decreases these according to whether or not your patients remain within, above or below their blood glucose target range. In addition, you can specify an emergency contact and a protocol to follow if your patients record a low blood glucose reading.


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