Type 1 Diabetes & You*

  • Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes can bring a lot of changes to your life and your family ones.
  • In the sections below you will find information and tools to support you through these changes, and help you to become an expert in handling your own Diabetes.
  • These documents have been designed by experienced Type 1 Diabetes specialists for you and your family or guardians to use.
  • Your Diabetes Team will be able to give you lots more helpful advice and are the best source of information and guidance regarding your treatment and general health.


This information brochure
will give you detailed information on how to understand and manage Type 1 Diabetes


This diary
will help you to make it easier for you to track your blood glucose and your insulin dose


This carbohydrates counting guide
will make it easier for you to balance your diet


This identity card
is for you to carry in daily life and keep you safe by alerting others

* or Parent or caregiver