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MyStar Connect® diabetes data management software for professional use

MyStar Connect® is a comprehensive easy-to-use diabetes data management software platform that supports healthcare professionals (HCPs) in delivering the best care to their patients. MyStar Connect® will be available in selected European countries in the beginning of 2015.

Simplified data download and review

Automatically retrieves data from BGStar® and MyStar Extra® blood glucose meters and safely stores all patient data for the next visit. Data visualisation focuses on key metrics, targets, and trends to support HCPs in their clinical decision making.

Supporting clinical decision-making

Enables a comprehensive yet very clear visualisation of patients’ glucose data, making it easier for HCPs to identify and priorities areas for concern, and getting the required insight to optimise diabetes therapy for each individual patient.

Enhancing patient understanding

Key reports for patients can be printed in an easy-to-read format and the colour-coded, graphical visualisations of the data may help improve patients’ understanding of their disease and therapy progress. This may motivate people with diabetes to better adhere to their therapy which may ultimately results in improved health outcomes.

MyStar Connect®: Comprehensive Data Management Software to Support Healthcare Professionals in their Clinical Decision-Making

Need for a supportive tool that provides insights to optimise diabetes therapy

  • Diabetes is a progressive disease and diabetes-related complications may arise in the long-term. For successful diabetes management, it’s essential for patients to regularly attend health check-ups and consult with their healthcare professional (HCP) on their current and long-term blood glucose control.
  • HCPs need to review blood glucose data in order to optimise therapy at each patient visit, but often lack time and adequate software to access, download and analyse the data from various sources, such as blood glucose monitoring devices.
  • There is a need for tools that streamline access to blood glucose data, help healthcare professionals to identify trends and key information, supporting them in the clinical decision making for each individual patient.

Download the MyStar® Connect Backgrounder


  • MyStar Connect Assessment

  • MyStar Connect Light Desktop (Version 1.0) User manual

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