• MyStar Extra™ device connected to the computer via an USB cable.
  • MyStar Extra™ device in its suitcase. The suitcase also includes a flashcard with information about the usability of the device.
  • A lancet plugged into MyStar Extra™ device. The screen shows a glycemic result in mmol/L.

MyStar Extra

What if you had an extra tool to help you manage your insulin therapy?
Simple and intuitive, MyStar Extra™ delivers regular progress updates thanks to its unique ~A1c estimation feature. It enables you to take an active role managing your insulin therapy.

Estimation of ~A1c
to regularly check your progress between visits to your doctor

Fasting trend arrows
allow you to quickly see how your therapy is working and when changes are needed

3-day fasting average
helps you know when to take a correction dose

Graphic display of mealtime averages, plus 3, 7 and 30 day average readings.

Dynamic Electrochemistry blood sampling, a technology that enables accurate measurements. The MyStar Extra™ meets today’s stringent industry standards for accuracy.

No coding necessary, which eliminates the chance of inaccurate results due to miscoding.

Memory stores up to 1,865 tests, so you have the data necessary to give you and your healthcare professional a clear picture of your diabetes.

Easy handling with big backlit screen and rubber grip.

A blood glucose measuring device generally measures the glucose in your blood by sending an electrical signal through a small blood sample. The output signal received is converted into a numerical value for your glucose level.

Our Dynamic Electrochemistry is a technology which extracts a spectrum of information from the blood that is inaccessible to traditional electrochemical methods. This science compensates for interfering factors that typically distort blood glucose results, helping to ensure accurate and reliable blood glucose readings*. A complex signal detects and corrects common errors for an accurate reading.

MyStar Extra™ owners guide.
AgaMatrix Internal System Accuracy Report: Study conducted June-July 2010 in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15197:2003 Data on accuracy on file at AgaMatrix.
Studies performed with BGStar® and iBGStar® have proven the accuracy of Dynamic Electrochemistry. MyStar Extra™ works with the same Dynamic Electrochemistry technology and a study to prove the accuracy is ongoing.

Easy and safe lancing device
We suggest you use the new MyStar SylkFeel™ lancing device and lancets for all our MyStar™, BGStar® and iBGStar® blood glucose monitors. The new MyStar SylkFeel™ lancing device is simple to use, with an adjustable penetration depth (five different options), a safety ejector so you can remove lancets without touching them, gentle and silent lancing with no vibration. MyStar SylkFeel™ lancets are high quality, ultra-thin and silicon coated. Of course, both our previous generation lancing device and lancets (BGStar® products) are compatible with MyStar SylkFeel™ lancets and lancing device respectively.

Print or email your readings
Export your individual data at any time, a simple and convenient way to share your information with your healthcare professional.

Help at every step
Single-point support services for all your diabetes questions (i.e. blood glucose meters, insulin pens, BGStar® Diabetes Management Software, iBGStar® Diabetes Manager App) can give you the confidence that you have the full support of our diabetes experts with you.